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Well, I finally got in to see my new neuro yesterday. I didn't post yesterday because I wanted to give myself some time to cool off. Anyway, I go in and she realizes that I new to her but not to the clinic so she gets my chart. I give her the long story of how I have been having symptoms off and on since 2004 with new, more frequent symptoms over the last year. She does the physical exam and does a lot of concentrating on my left eye. I look left, right, up, and down following her finger but I guess there was "something" when she asked me to keep my eyes focused on her finger while it was up and to the left. She never said what she was looking at and I didn't ask her. I had terrible tremors especially in my left hand. She then asked me to do the balance walk but instead of doing it in the exam room, she took me out into the hall. I know I have balance problems which I told her about but I attempted to walk the line. Needless to say by the second step I was tumbling over but she kept telling me to keep going. Eventually she realized I couldn't do it without help and she gave me her hands and I wobbled left and right while an audience grew behind me. (Patients are wonderful since they kept telling me to take my time and that they were in no make me a "healthy woman in my thirties" less embarrassed). So we go back into the exam room where she tells me I definitely have balance problems (duh!) and tremors which may be "normal". When are tremors normal? :mad: She then assured me that I don't have Lou Gehrig's disease. One dx to check off the list:D

She then reviewed with my the results of the neuro psych test I had about a year ago that the previous neuro said was "OK". While we talked I read
"abnormal cognitive exam". Does that sound OK? :mad: She explained that the test showed that I had delayed processing when reading and that as long as I didn't need to be a speed reader at work it wasn't anything to worry about. Then comes what made me want to scream but I held my composure. She asked if I had had an MRI. I told her yes about two years ago when I first came to the clinic and that the previous dr said it was "normal". She thumbed through my chart to get the report. It wasn't there! She asked if I was sure I had had one. I told her that my memory is bad but it isn't that bad. She then pulled my medical record up in the computer which also did not show me ever having had an MRI. I insisted that I had one and at this hospital. I told her that the results were not in when I originally came back for follow up but that the previous neuro called or got a fax and told me that the MRI was normal. She said that she was "look for it" and get it before I come back in three months! Look for it! I go to a highly respected University Hospital and they have to "look for" my results. Now I am wondering if the other docter ever had results and just blew me off because she never believed me anyway.:mad:

I left there with no more information than I had before I came. I'm not sure if I will go back in January. It just feels like a waste of time and until something visible happens or they "find" my MRI results and if they actually say something that will motivate action, I am just going to keep going through the motions. I fear that if it is something "serious" (I use quotes since it is definitely serious to me), the condition will progress untreated until I find myself in an ER unable to walk with doctors looking at my medical records saying "oops". :(


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