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Hi Shel. Wow. You must be a nervous wreck over this. It IS kind of cool though that they are using you to help others....Ive always been a big fan of trying to be on trials, in order to help others, but for some reason or another, Im never accepted.
The spinal tap will be fine. Just do everything before and after that they tell you to do, and take that valium! Its alot more nervous type nerves, then real pain or real issues having a spinal tap, its over before you know it. Youll have a pinch, when they numb it, and other than that, nothing. No pain. IF you stay flat on your back as long as you can, you wont get the headache...the headache comes when you sit up for any period of time, too soon, and the fluid hasnt equalized stay flat!
I dont know much about Meige's Syndrome, im going to read up on it...but it sounds like you have good doctors, and youre going to have to believe what they say. In the meantime, MS is manageable, ok? Its NOT the end of the world...things with MS change daily, so your in for a rollercoaster ride, but once you get used to that- its easy sailing for the most part. I think the hardest thing about having MS is making long term plans...for instance, how do you know when you try to book a vacation 4 months ahaed of time that you will be okay? You dont, so you take travel insurance, just in case. How do you plan holidays? With as little "doing' as possible. Promise to bring desert, and make your inlaws, or family cook! Things like that are tough, but in between you learn NOt to worry about it and take each day as it comes....relapses stink- but they pass, too. And there are meds to help you get thru them. Having a good doctor is what its all about. Make friends with his nurse! Shes going to be an important part of your life.

Wishing you well. please let us know how you feel after your test.

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