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i there. I am also undiagnosed, going through similar things. My brain MRI 2 weeks ago showed "punctate areas of high signal intensity". My regular PCP says my NEURO will comment on this on whether or not he thinks it is MS related. I have a cervical/thoracic MRI scheduled for 11/13.

ANNNYWAY - I also deal with the red palms of my hands AND my feet. I do have autoimmune disease/disorder already, and have been tested for Lupus, but haven't been tested for about 10 years, so I will ask them to run this again. But I always have redness. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

My feet are burning and tingling right now and recently it has gone up to my legs, so I am anxiously awaiting for testing and diagnosis, but also realize it will not happen immediately, just like you - we may have to wait it out for symptoms to reappear and go away and reappear to call it an "episode".

Well, GOOD LUCK and that is so great about the neur appt. Isn't it wonderful to finally have someone you can trust and believe in. I haven't personally met my neuro yet, but he is recommended to me by a friend and she absolustely loves it, so I know I will to ;)

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.

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