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HI Cindy...well, I do know what you are saying about not knowing what you want to hear...its like wondering if finding out if you DO have MS is a good thing. Knowing you have a chronic, progressive disease, is NEVER a good thing...but then again, neither is limbo land.

I am happy to hear that you dont have brain lesions at this time....just because you dont doesnt mean that you can rule out MS. Something might show up on your spinal MRI, or you might need a spinal tap to find out what is going on, but either way, Im happy that you arent dealing with the brain stuff. I have over 50 lesions on my brain- its not fun...they cant even count them at this point! Now, when we do comparative MRIs we look for clusters of lesions and assume if the clusters havent grown, then no new lesions are there...that, and using contrast.(which shows active lesions by lighting up).

Good luck tomororw, IM sure youll do fine, now that you know what to expect...please let us know how soon you get answers on this one.

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