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Hi Lynn,
You might not get back to read this at this late date, but I just thought I'd throw in another experience. Muscle spasms have always been my biggest problem with my MS. Unfortunately, some muscles can spasm continually, meaning they get rock hard and pretty much never let go. They can get to be very painful, in fact, I have one muscle that runs under my shoulder blade that feels like a knife has been stuck in my back (no kidding). This muscle and the other spasms in my upper back become so severe that they dislocate my shoulders, and I have to try and pop them back in place. It is is awful. My neurologist has suggested that I consider Botox injections into the worst ones. Eeek! We will see about that.

I have also had problems with spasms in my lower back and hip that became so severe that I could not stand up, but when my husband lifted me, I would pass out - I guess from the pain? Luckily, the lower back ones have let up since a pregnancy 2 years ago (they almost ALL went away during the pregnancy but relapsed once again after delivery.) I also found that the muscles around my ribcage can become so tight that I could not take a full breath, probably from the lesions in my thoracic spinal region.
Just thought that I would share that sometimes they do not come and go. They can become part of everyday life that you really wish just wasn't there!
I really hope yours never get there!

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