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Bursitis and MS
Nov 8, 2007
Anybody with MS also have burisitis?

Is ther a connection?
Bursitis is inflamation of the joints, between the tendons and muscles of any part of the body....

MS is the body's nerves attacking the Myelin Sheath (the protective nerve covering) its also thought to be an autoimmune disease, and is definately affected in the central nervous system. (mainly the brain and spine).

Id think there would have to be absolutely no connection at all between joint inflamation and MS, but does someone know something I dont? I just cant see how one could possibly affect the other.. depending on where your busitis is located (hip? feet?) I could imagine that the pain from MS MIGHT affect your bursitis pain; but not cause it..

Anyone got more on this?

I do not know what exactly is bursitis but I definately know that my cousin who also has MS had also bursitis in the hip last year.

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