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Has anyone had experience with Botox injections for severe muscle spasms from MS? My neurologist has suggested I consider it and I'm looking for anyone's experience regarding this procedure. Thanks in advance!
Hi,I have had the botox injections. They thought I may also have a disease called Meige's Syndrome and botox is the only thing in Canada that is approved for treatment of this condition. But now since my MRI and the lesions on the results of the mri they think it is MS. You see my symptoms started in my face .. severe muscle twitching which they thought was caused by this meige's syndrome also known as a dystonia or blephoralspasm. However when I seen my neuro the other day she said they will do the botox injections again on December 20th as they can only inject it every 3 months...If it helps and your neuro is suggesting it .. you really have nothing to lose...Yes it is botulism they are injecting into you but a very small amount and they are not injecting into your blood stream so the likely hood of you getting ill are slim to non....I can hardly wait for my next injections and yes it does relax the nerves....Consider it and keep in thinking of you

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