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RISSA, to your original question about looking for another neurologist, I'd suggest yes. You got some good info. about Devics here and I will add that another characteristic is that lesions appear in the spine instead of the brain -- I'm not 100% sure that they [B]never[/B] occur in the brain but the spine is certainly the focus of the attacks.

I agree that there is some confusion about it being an MS deviant but I think it's just because MS is the closest thing that mimics the sx -- they ARE different. As Snoopy says, you should get the blood test -- and it does seem a little strange that your doctor would have dxed you with Devics without doing that. Sounds like he might be rendering this dx on the basis of the spinal lesion and optic neuritis -- that wouldn't sit well in my book without doing the blood test!

If you do go on to another neurologist, you might want to think about going to an MS specialist. There are enough similarities so that this kind of perspective might be helpful.

Also, there is someone on this board who has Devic's. She hasn't posted for a long time but you might want to do an advanced search on the MS board for posts containing the word "Devic's". Some of Julie's posts might be helpful to you.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

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