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Regarding the search for a good Doctor, I will say this:
There is no delineation of too much and not enough research.

Many on these boards appear to have become very well informed, and I'm sure that what they mean to tell you is that at some point you should learn to bridle your suspicions, or concerns of those "in the system" that say they have your best interests at heart, and actually have that charter under "The System's" design, however flawed. I'm not sure when you can relax your sphincter muscles on that count, but I embrace the concept of feeling better comes from positive thinking, but not from fooling ourselves, or allowing others to do the same, to our own detriment.

To the point that you should trust your doctors, I would like to tell you and all here, that after 18 months of hearing things like migraines, Somatoform disorder, B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anemia, I have had one thing after another cause me to question the competency or motivations of these people that I am supposed to trust.

I recently returned to my Neurologist with my latest long term disability claim denial in hand, which cited his statements that he believed that my problems were rooted in a Somotoform Disorder, or basically that it was all in my head.

I had gone to him to request that he put me on B12 injections because the oral form has not abated my symptoms in the least, and I continue to have persistent Diarrhea 5-12 times each day (can you imagine someone working in a profession excusing themselves 12 times a day, for 15 minutes at a time??? How could a person work, with this symptom alone??? 12 X 15 minutes = 3 HOURS, as if there weren't a litany of other problems keeping me from having a life since this illness struck me down). He refused to put me on the shots, or the patch, and simply said that it was not necessary. In May, he said that the efficacy of the oral form was far inferior to the injections, and urged me to take the injections. At that time, I was not able to drive, because of my vision issues (strabismus/Lazy-wandering eye, double vision), so I asked if I could start with the pills. Both my wife and I were astounded to hear him contradict himself, and wondered why he could be so concerned about me taking the shots, over the pills, but he offered no defense for his stand on the subject, beyond, "it is not necessary".

This from the same doctor that after finding no lesions or plaque on my 2 MRI's (only of the brain, not the spine), refused me a Spinal Tap, citing that it too was unnecessary. He referred me to another doctor, and stated that if I wanted to get a spinal tap that I was going to have to get another Doctor. Well my wife and I were both aghast. What could possibly motivate a Doctor to act in such a way? I have had several doctors, in our family, and friends state that the MRI is just non-invasive, and the first step to ruling out MS, not the singularly definitive means. That following non-productive MRI's, the SP was indicated to rule out MS.

Moving on, I told his office that I wanted my entire file copied, and that I would pick it up the next day. When I came to pick it up, to my (not so) surprise, I found that it was missing several documents that I already had via my insurance file being in hand, but were missing from what the doctor's office had given me, so I asked the assistant why was my file so small that it fit folded into a legal envelope? The assistant stated, "I put everything in there that the Doctor told me to". I pointed out, that RIGHTFULLY, I had asked for and was entitled to copies of every detail in my file, not a hand-picked sub-set. She said that she would talk with the Doctor, and call me later with his response. I responded that "I would welcome the opportunity to speak directly with the Doctor whenever he has the opportunity".

Later that day he called me, and during the course of the conversation I pointed out that I was very concerned by him hand-picking what information he put into my hands, when I had requested a full copy of my file. I specifically referred to the preliminary report from the Neuro-psychologist who had verbally cited a number of deficits in my cognizant functions, such as verbal initiation, attention, focus, short-term memory, manual dexterity, and several others such as brain damage in the central cortex, and had verbally told me in summary that he was prepared to state to anyone interested, that my symptoms were not the result of a psychological disorder, and though he found no evidence of such a disorder at this time, that IF any psychological issues should arise later, that they were most probably the result of and not the cause of my symptoms. After my Neuro-psych testing was completed, I was told it would only take 10 days to get the results, for some reason, mine took 2.5 months. There was some apparent need to go back and change what my pre-morbid Intelligence Quotient was, and the results came back as expected, unaffected by the higher IQ possibility. This was all requested by the Neurologist, even though the Neuro-psych told him beforehand that there would be little impact if any to this reworking the base assumptions. Once the Neurologist didn't seem anymore compelled to believe my complaints, I tried on 6 occasions to contact the Neuro-psych and never received a return call.

I further pointed out that I was most interested in any communications between himself, and any other physicians.

The very next morning, I had in hand (via regular mail) the reports I demanded, and lo and behold, they stated exactly what I had summarized to my neurologist about the verbal comments made to me by the Neuro-psych, which this neurologist stated he had never heard, or seen in any form, and whose recommendations and conclusions had not been acted upon, in any way, as he continued to treat me as if I were suffering from Somotoform disorder. For those who don't know, it is believed, Somotoform sufferers will unrealistically continue to request tests in spite of the fact that they have no real physical disorder, but merely suffer from a mental disorder.

The summary report supported every single claim I had made to my neuro, and then some, and made him obviously out to be a liar, and that's being kind. It went into some detail, though this was a summary report, of the 13 page report that I already had (but which was also omitted from my file copy interestingly), which was without any personal comments, but pure diagnostic content. The summary went on to recommend that all possible measures to rule out physical, neurological disorders should be undertaken, and only then should they even begin to look into the psychological realm of possibilities. He specifically stated that his testing results, and his exam do not support a Somatoform disorder dx. How interesting. That means that there should be no end to the tests that should be forth-coming, including Lupus, Lyme, MS, Parkinson's, among others, you all know the list, none of which I have been subjected to. The Neuro-psych underscored, and capitalized whole sets of words for emphasis on his statements refuting the neurologists assertions that this was a Somotoform disorder.

The Neuro-psych intimated to me that I should demand new MRI's from a different doctor, because to him, the granularity of the previous ones was suspect to him, as if to be done only to pacify my request for deeper diagnostics than the pin ***** and the reflexes, and playing the piano, etc... etc...

There are not only doctors who will make mistakes. There are doctors who have motives, that I won't even go into the possibilities, who will manipulate ones care to suit their own or someone else's agenda.

Anyone who says or thinks otherwise is either extremely naive, or has their own agenda as well, that is not consistent with our collective betterment.

My comments are not an indictment of the entire medical community, but when we continue to state that each of us went through the initial prescriptions of Anti-depressants for migraines, or other ailments, and the words, that they often offer uses other than for psychological purposes, such as for the relief of pain. What is obviously (to me) absent from those discussions is that there is an obviously intentional systematic delay in the process of ruling out such insidious and debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, muscles, and brain, in favor of a single pill, get this guy out of my office, he's sick in the head, sort of approach. We are also missing out on the immediate care that is crucial to check the nerve and brain damage that my Neuro-psych is indicating are present. What we are all missing, is that we as a group should be yelling at the top of our lungs, FOUL... and seeking changes to this system that immediately wants to have us classified as nuts, and in many if not most cases, never looked into any further.

No one seems to want to see the light of day shined on this issue, that doctors seem to hand-pick their patients, much like lawyers do, and so the poor schmuck whose left with such a life as this, is not only challenged by the symptoms, the loss of a productive life, and the issues challenging the family of such a person, but we are also forced to navigate a system that would be challenging to a high-thinking sort of person, and many if not most of us, suffer from minor to dramatic, profound impact to our cognitive functions. And best of all, people are trying to have you classified as crazy!!

Lawyers are required to do a certain amount of pro bono work, and are assigned such cases by a judge. The Doctors on the other hand do whatever they can to send LTD claim patients away either because they don't want to go up against the insurance companies for people seeking an LTD claim, or simply because of the extra administrative work involved, in faxing reports, and filling out forms. Shame on such individuals, and shame on a system that not only accepts, tolerates, and actually rewards them, but certainly it makes no attempt to right these pervasive wrongs, in a system, that a 4 year old could discern as absolutely broken, and rampant with corruption as evidenced by this very painfully true-account.

I appreciate opposing viewpoints, both from doctors, from my friends family, and from those on these boards. I am anxious to hear from anyone here who has some justification for such actions by a doctor, and of course from those who have suffered these same or similar abuses. I would especially like to hear from someone who can tell me, what no one has till now, just how the hell I can find a real MS doctor to rule MS out, and who will honestly state the severity of my illness, and not white-wash it.

Oh and my the way, when I pointed out in my final conversation with this Neurologist, that he had never performed the Lyme, Lupus, or other other tests, he was incredulous, and said that I was mistaken. My memory is bad, but my wife's is like an elephant, and she heard him say Pernicious Anemia, not B12 deficiency (huge difference). She heard him deny me the SP (Spinal Puncture). She heard him contradict himself and state that the shots were just as effective as the tablets. She was there when I spent 11 days in severe pain because he took that long to refill my pain meds, on two occasions, and made them on both occasions with no refills, and insufficient number of pills to make through one month. For a person with profound, and chronic pain.

Where's the umpire of this game they are playing with our lives????????? He/she doesn't exist!!!! That's the first thing that is broken!

Anyone who can tell me a resource (online or otherwise) that can point me towards competent and caring doctors, specialized in diseases such as MS, PA, and Lyme, in my area (Northern Ca.), I would be eternally grateful. I see lots of places to recommend a good doctor, and yet I never can find the list of those doctors!? Interesting don't you think!? :confused:

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