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[QUOTE=Nenu;3723482]The McDonald criteria is generally what neurologists will refer to in diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis. Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of 'mimic' conditions to those of MS. That's why a criteria must be consulted, along with the appropriate testing. Diagnosing MS is ultimately a process of exclusion.

Migraine can cause tingling and weakness. It can also cause white spots to appear on an MRI. I've been a life long migraine sufferer as well.

I'm diagnosed RRMS (relapsing/remitting) and while I do have a lot of sensory symptoms (these make up the bulk of my MS symptoms), they come and go in intensity day to day. Some days, I don't feel any tingling in my legs, others it's non stop.

When you had your MRI, was it done with and without contrast? There's a strong chance that they would not have found my MS lesions had they not done the contrast MRI along with the non-contrast. Did they only MRI your brain, or were other areas, such as your spine, also MRI'ed?

Some diagnosed with MS do present with a negative LP.

On the migraine side of things, was your neurologist able to make any recommendations for treatment of this condition, if they truly feel it's migraine?[/QUOTE]

Nenu - Yes, I have had 6 MRI's, all with and without contrast in the past 4.5 years. My neuro wants one every 6 months. Most of just the brain, but I did have one of the neck, but it was normal and neuro didn't feel we needed to keep doing the spine since it was clear. My white spots have remained unchanged all 4.5 years.
As far as the migraine thing, he sugessted anti-migraine meds, but I was birthcontrol pills most of this time and now I am trying to get pregnant, so I was hesitant to try them.
But my symptoms are far to strange to chalk up to migraine. Sometimes I get this weird sensation in my head when I am tired. I happens for a split second, but it feels like my bloodsupply is cut off and I go blank for a second. It's so wierd. Alos, restless legs, restless body, hot spots, vibrating.. days on end. Some days worse or a little better than others. It's so strange. I am 35, trying to start a familly and I feel like CRAP everyday.

Drean77 - yes, there is blood work they do for Lymes disease which apparently cam sometimes be a false negative, but my Dr. doesn;t believe I have it.

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