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hello all,

i'm so grateful for this site. here's my situation...

39, male. haven't felt great in the last 10 months. i tend to have a lot of anxiety and always take things to extremes (i.e, headache--i think i have brain tumor, etc.).

In any case, i've suffered from terrible mid-back pain for about 10 months. my back feels fine during the day but i wake up at approx 3-4 am each night with aches. have to take advil to get me through the night.

in any case, i finally tried sleeping on the floor and it finally is making a huge difference.

about two weeks ago, i had a weird pain in my left arm. i went to the emergency room thinking it might be heart related. he did an ekg and monitored my heart for a few hours. the er doctor said my heart is fine but as i was leaving casually told me i should see a dr about possible MS. i was shocked he would make this statement based on one pain in my arm??? that went away in 24 hrs by the way.

then, last week, i started getting "muscle twitching" in various parts of my body (legs and arm mostly). i had one in my leg that was very noticeable but the rest are very subtle and go away after a few seconds.

around this same time, i have also felt light headed.

i went to my regular dr and we did blood work. it came back fine and he asked me what i was worried about . I told him MS and he said that he was also thinking it would be a good idea for me to get this checked out with a neurologist.

i'm FREAKING OUT because i can't get into a neurologist until after New Year. It's making me insane with anxiety!!

i did go to the optomologist. he dialated my eyes and said there was NO imflammation or signs of MS. I know that's not conclusive but at least something positive.

so with that said, can any of you with MS weigh in on what you've experienced or know about early signs? I realize everyone has a different story but just thought some of you might shed some light on this.

I have had no muscle weakness, coordination issues, eye problems, etc.----only this recent muscle twitching and light headedness.

also worried about als but i have no problems in my hands or feet at this point and again, no muscle weekness, etc.

and finally, i did have two spinal MRI's for backpain. does anyone know if these kind of MRI's are useful in detecting MS? They both came back unremarkable so I'm just curious if those negative results would be in my favor for not having MS?

Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to reply. what an amazing group of people you all are.

I take great comfort in your kind words, positive thoughts, and knowledge about MS.

A few thoughts...

yes, i did see an opthamalogist (sp?)--not an optometrist. I completely am aware that the fact that he did not see any inflammation is NOT conclusive but it feels reassuring to know that my eyes checked out ok. also, i have never really had eye issues (i.e., blurry vision, eye pain or seeing double, etc). ever since i went to eye dr, i have noticed a lot of floaters but i read those are usually harmless and quite common.

again, my symptoms have been about constant muscle twitching (mostly in my legs/calves) with some twitching in my arms. so far, no issue of any kind in my actual hands and feet. i also have felt LIGHT HEADED for as many days as i have been twitching.

that said, today i feel like my legs are tired and achey. also, my left arm hurts today on the part where my forearm meets my upper arm. almost as if i was doing weights reps but i haven't!?! it hurt for about 2 hrs and now it feels fine???

i'm also very tired. i wouldn't say fatigued to the point where i can't function but very tired. i also feel jittery.

no heat sensitivity. no numbness.

my guess is that i might have MS, fibromyalgia, or...this is a long shot...but as mentioned, i have had 10 months of mid back pain that only really hurt after i was asleep for 4-5 hrs. I discovered it was my mattress and since i've been sleeping on the floor, my back pain is 98% better!! my muscle twitching and light headedness, and arm/leg symptoms started at the same time i started sleeping on the floor. just wondering if this might be the culprit---i.e., my body weight on the hard floor is pressing on nerves, etc?
i know probably a long shot but odd it started around the same time?! who knows.

so with that said, i am going to proceed with my neuro apt and definitely get an MRI on my brain. I just had a Thorasic MRI 1 month ago..that was to check my back pain. i just wonder if that is a useful tool? sounds like it might be. meaning, if i had lesions on my spine, isn't it likely that the radiologist would have caught that? i know a brain MRI is a must but let me know what u think about the fact that my thorasic mri came back clear.

again, really value everyone's insight and i wish all of you great things in life.

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