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Its been a while since I have been on the message board. I had a relapes in August which caused change in walking gait (now using a cane for walking). Lots of strange sensations in legs, arms torso such as tingling, pins needles, achy, burning and vibration sensations. I am now having spasms/ twitching in legs and torso (mostly legs). These symptoms usally come in waves but can linger also. In past few days I have been getting odd sensation/almost painful in my hands when I take a deep breath (really odd). This can happen at other times such as when I move. Just wanting to know if anyone has experenced this? I guess overall I am feeling depressed as I have not had full recovery since relapes. I had IV steriods in August but now feel like I am living in someone else's body. I am on so much medication now, started meds for neuropathic pain (neurontin). Just started so not sure how I will go. Happy to hear from anyone who has tried this drug and the results. My one question has become several. Guess I am just down as I feel this disease is taking a hold at the moment. Any advise...:confused: Oh currently seeing neuro every 2 months as things have not settled as yet, although next appointment is in March. My neuro e-mails me between appointments for updates on how I am going.

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