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Ms or lyme
Jan 2, 2008
dear all,

happy new year.

im trying to work this one out i have been researching lyme and ms. i know they are different illnesses. and you would not treat someone with lyme with ms drugs. but from my reading lyme can cuae an ms like illness. i suppose lots of infections if they effect the nerves can cause ms like symptons.
you may not know but i was treated for tb but still extremly unwell where apparamtly i should be getting better.

ok my ms like symptons- dizzy/loss of sensation/ urinary and bowel incontinace/ electric shock down spine and pain under left rib.pain behind left eye. bellpalsy. i have had a nerve drop on my left foot twice, muscle spasms and twitches. feeling like i will fall, sleeping lots. frequent urine infections. constipation. funny feeling while sitting in car

also anxiety and depression well who wouldn't.

however in the lyme camp: hair loss( although i havea fungal infection right now) chills and sweats joint aches bellpalsy panic attacks, pains in my head and muscles, pelvic pain again that may be the blasted fungus, urge to wee frequently . plus i was bit two years ago

there was also the autoimmune/ lupus sticky blood camp which i was diagnosed with for a while but my docwas too expensive although well renowned. he treated me with respect. told me how sticky blood caused ms like symptons too.i have been examined as having livido reticularlis anddid have a previous blood clot along with a lot of lupus criteria- but was ana negative. the last time i saw him he thought chrons cause of the sticky blood you can get in that too. im not sure chrons would cause me neuro problems though.
lupus symptons seizures blood clot hair loss mouth ulcers, joint pains anemia, swollen glands, memory problems. a rash like a butterfly but more burnt looking

this is a minefield it really is. any ideas from what i told you what you reckon
my folks are getting hairloss too and some tummy aches i get- so i wonder if it is more contagious-yuck! hey i know i sound like a hypochondriac but who cares!

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