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i am new here , but did you talk with the dr as far as the mri ? i missed where he rendered his opinion .. you were reading notes from who ? the radiologist ?

that is weird that your mri is clear and your daughters is not .. i would be concerned about my daughter and her future , really ... and just get my symptoms treated as they come ..

anyway, you say you learned your lesson, i for one am not knowledgable about reading mri's, but i am surprised the dr did not give you any information ..

y'know, not to be mean or anything, but are you looking to have ms ? and why ? it is an awfully unpredictable disease ..

have you had blood work for it, spinal tap , and/or mri from the cervical spine on down ?

i am scared for you both , i would never wish this on any one , not even my worst enemy ... thanks for allowing me to express , but again, i am new and just don't understand what you are doing ?:(
Cyprian, You had written [I]"have you had blood work for it, spinal tap , and/or mri from the cervical spine on down ?"[/I]

Just so you know, there is no blood work for MS. Nothing can be found by bloodwork other than ruling out B12 deficiencies and other issues such as Anemia. Nothing to do with MS will show in blood work. They do blood work once you have MS if you are taking disease modifying drugs, as they can affect your liver, cholesterol, white blood count and a few other functions.

Also, in general they dont do MRIs from the Cspine down. They do it from the Cspine UP...meaning the brain. It is possible to have thoracic MS, and it is possible that a doctor NOT finding lesions in the brain or Cspine, might order Thoracic Cspine, but its not the norm in testing for MS.

Spinal taps are used to also rule out brain infection, Meningitis and if all else fails and no lesions present themselves, to check for Obands in the central spinal fluid...the spinal tap is not a definate for MS either, however, it does rule out many other diseases, which is NECESSARY to diagnos MS when NO lesions are apparent.

Just thought you might want to know. Your post in this thread wasnt quite accurate as far as testing goes.

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