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Hey Everybody,

I am counting down until my next neuro appt. I have been journaling my symptoms since about mid-december. I finally decided to do it and it isn't as tough as I thought. I use my Outlook calendar at work (I can access it from home on the weekends) to document what I am experiencing. I have noticed that since I started journaling, I have not had one day where I didn't experience something and I am also experiencing more aggressive symptoms. I have always had the muscle jerkings and finger twitches, but I have noticed that the muscles are now not only jerking but tightening like a charlie horse especially in the back of my legs (both). I have had them in the calf area, back of knees, and front/back of thighs. I am also have more and "sharper" electric shock pain in my fingers, joints, and even in my head, especially around my ear. I have also had my eyes twitching (top and bottom lids, tear duct area, and what feels like my eyeball is jerking). For the past three days my left eye lid has twitched (feeling like is going to curl up) for the past three days.

What is going on with me? I am praying that I can finally get another MRI and that I can get some answers. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone else? I forgot, I am also vibrating and have general leg weakness. For about four days last weak I was so fatigued I felt like I was dragging a dead man on my back. Oh yeah, I am still forgetting words and using the wrong words all together.

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