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Hi, monalisa. MS aside, I know what you mean about the "bacon sizzle" -- or [B][I]maybe[/I][/B] I do. There is a thing in MS called "L'Hermitte's" that's kind of like an electrical shock and is generally associated with a lesion in the c-spine. When I was first dxed with MS, I explained the sensation to my specialist and we both thought I was talking about L'Hermitte's. However, that's really NOT what it feels like to me when it happens and my c-spine is clear. (I have lesions on my brain and one on my t-spine but not on the c-spine.) It's really not an electrical shock that I get and although I can [B][I]kind[/I][/B] of feel it, it's more like I'm hearing and experiencing the sound of it (bacon sizzle!). It happens behind my head at the base of my skull but it's not constant -- mine does not happen frequently. IF that's what you're experiencing, there's no name/explanation for it that I've found yet! Let me know if that's what you're talking about and in the meantime, look up L'Hermitte's and see if that's more like what you have. If it fits that description, you may have a lesion on your cervical spine (c-spine).

Above and beyond that, it sounds like it's time for a visit to the neuro and a new set of MRIs if the examination warrants it. Perhaps a new neuro might be better? The goal would be to have MRIs done of your brain and c-spine, with [B]AND[/B] without contrast. As part of any diagnostic process, you should also have a complete blood work-up so that things can be excluded (B12 deficiency, Lyme's, etc.).

Let me know if what you're experiencing in your skull sounds like L'Hermittes or if we both have "sizzling head" disease! (For which there is so far for me, no explanation!) ;)

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