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This is my first time reaching out online, I was diagnosed in 2005 with MS. I still question if they are right. I have been to 2 neuros, both say MS. 1st mri was of the cervical spine done by an orthopedic specialist in 2004 and there was a 1.2 cm focus T2 signal abnormality. I had a brain MRI in the beginning of 2005 which had bilateral periventricular/pericallosal foci T2 hyperintense signal with typical appearance of demyelinating plaques. A CSF also done in 2005 showed elevated IgG in both the serum and CSF and no oligoclonal bands. My symptoms began in 1998 involving severe neck pain where on some days I could not get out of bed, back then it was associated with my scoliosis. Also had severe knee/leg pain and experienced foot drop on different occasions. Primarily all of my problems are on the left side, I now have a permanent limp, left leg very weak, numbness, in left leg and left arm and hand. Severe pain in left knee and leg. I wear a noprene knee brace to help with pain when I walk. I do take AVONEX, and have been for about a year. I do not see any improvement. I am feeling like I have been diagnosed incorrectly and worry about taking this medication. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, RubyLucy
Thanks for the response, Bearygood.

Both of the neurologists are not MS specialists, I have had MRI of the brain, cervical, thoracic and lumbar done in 2006, these were the last ones. The second one of the brain stated it was essential unchanged from the 1st one. The impression was: There are several bilateral white matter lesions present. The primary consideration is multiple sclerosis. The cerivcal spine was also unchanged. Thoracic spine notes scoliosis and the lumbar spine shows a nodule in L-4 which states it is felt to be a prominent venous lake.?

I have a lot of the symptoms of MS, but feel like it could be misdiagnosed. My current neuro had referred me to a rheumatolgoist a couple of years ago due to a very high ra factor, but the rheumatologist ruled out rheumatoid arthritis and agreed with the MS diagnosis.

Since I have been diagnosed, I notice that I have a harder time walking and that appears to be getting worse, even though I have am taking the medication. I started on copaxone, but had the side effect where you can't breath and pain and that's when I was switched to AVONEX.

I see my neuro every 3 months and he has noticed the progression. My left leg is now smaller than the right and much weaker. He feels I should continue the medication but doesn't push it. He made the comment some time ago, his job is a lot easier if I don't take it. I have had blood tests since being on the meds and they come back normal.

Thanks again for any input.

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