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To be or not to be.
Jan 24, 2008
Hi all. I am new to this post. I am just trying to understand what is going on with me and i know you all will not have an answer. I have been doing alot of researching on MS. And i am starting to wonder if this is what is happening to me. First of all , i understand you can have symptoms for years before even realizing MS is a possability. I am 55 years old. I look back now at all the things i have had in the past and just put then off as nothing. at least 10 years ago i was diagnosed with optic nerve damage, suggested i had glaucoma. over the years the gaucoma tests keep comming back normal, so i am down as a glaucoma suspect with unknown reasons for optic nerve damage. I wear glases now and my eyesight is gradually deterriating, putting it off as age related. I do get severe pain in one eye that last for a day or so and think nothing of it. Then may not get it for several months. I have spells of feeling light headed all the time , several times last year i was walking and began to black out with sever dizzyness, my husband had to catch me, just before these episodes i would get sever butterfly feeling in my chest. Dr. put it off as caffine attacks. I get numbness in my hands at times. Last year was the worst. My dr. put me on lipitor for high cholesteral. 2 months into taking lipitor i caould barley get out of bed. Stiffness in my arms, legs and feet. Then pain began in my upper arms and legs, this went on for several weeks thinking i was getting the flu. It became so bad i could hardly function my body. My leg and arm pain was so sever i could not get dressed on my own. Called the dr. when i realized this was somthing more seriouse. He took me off the lipitor right away. I thought wow. It took 2 months for the symptoms to dissapear. In the mentime the Dr moved and turned me over to a new one.
Then out of no where the pain began again in my legs and arms. It rolls in and out like the ocean and can last all day. Some days are worse than others. I find in the evening it is much worse. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes it hurt so bad. I have been off the lipitor for a year now taking nothing for high chiolesteral never changed my diet and my cholesteral is perfect. What's with that? Dr.s are baffled, some are telling me its my joints. Hell i know the defference between joint pain and muscle pain. I have been to a rhumatologiyst who wanted to give me cortizone shots, i refused, before you do that i would like to know why......I also this past year have had several episodes of getting up of the couch to walk in to the kitchen and my knees buckle from under me. I have never had an actual fall to the floor though. was able to catch myself. I wake up like i have slept all night in one spot all night holding my hands in a tight fist, even though i have not. I will be so sore when i wake up....Now, My insurance company has denied an MRI 3 times. They want me to try a chiropracter or PT first. Problem a PT is not going to treat me if he doe's not know what he's treating....Now i finally got a Dr. who believes it is my muscles. Also believes it is not from the liptor as it has been a year now, but thinks it is possable the lipitor aggitated something dorment in my system that would have eventually come out later on. So i am back to square one. I aggreed to start again with a different Rhumatologyst and go from there. My daily life is pain .. I work as a med nurse and i focus on my job. though the pain is there i can function during the day with it. It gets a hell of a lot worse come evening time and into the night.
I am wondering that all the things i have experienced in the past 10 years could possably be MS. undiagnosed due to the fact the symtoms were far apart and different each time. It seems now it is getting much worse as time goes by, the pain is closer in spells. Any suggestions. What do you think? Just looking for some opinions from people who have suffered with these problems.

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