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New attack?
Feb 24, 2008
I was diagnosed with MS in Feb '06 after only having one 'known' episode in Aug '05 where I had numbness, cold patches and my left leg was heavy and weak. I was literally having to drag it and couldn't lift it past about 6 inches. Anyway, I haven't had a 2nd attack since then. My neuro just considers me to have a very mild form of the disease. However, just the past week that same leg - my left leg- is weak and heavy again. It's very weak and the more I try to lift it, the weaker it becomes. I also do have bursitis in my left hip which has developed since that initial weakness in my left leg. Now, because of the bursitis, I don't know if that's what causing the weakness or if I'm having a new flare up. The bursitis in the past has always just caused my hip to hurt and if I was too active, my whole left leg would ache pretty bad but I don't recall this kind of weakness associated with bursitis..

I already have an appt with my neuro at the end of March so should I wait or just reschedule for earlier? The appt is just suppose to be a follow up to see how my meds are going. My fear of course is that this is a new attack and I"ll be back in remission by the time I see him and the MRI won't show anything active going on. I don't know. Does anyone else here have bursitis and what have you experienced with it. Also, do subsequent attacks with MS mimic earlier attacks or do you normally have new symptoms with new attacks?
Re: New attack?
Feb 24, 2008
Hi Chica. Thats a catch 22 question because the answer is that attacks can go either way. I dont know anything about bursitis- but I do know how sometimes symtoms can go into remission for long periods of time and then attack again. The problem is, sometimes when they attack again, they come back worse....and sometimes do not resolve themselves entirely. Im having that problem with my tingliness and numbness of my left hand. For weeks, I just live with it, and its not terribly bothersome, then one day -usually out of the clear blue- it hurts all over again, keeping me awake at night, and causing me to drop things, become frustrated and really in pain. I feel for you.

Of course, the other side of it is that it could be the bursitis, aggravating what is already there, but hasnt been real active...

You should call your doctor. Ask to have him call you back, or speak to his nurse. Tell them exactly what you told us and let them decide if they want to see you sooner....its not life threatening, you know that- but they might want to evaluate you while the symtoms are present....then again, if it is MS related, we all know there isnt much they can do (besides a round of steroids if you really want to go that route) and they might tell you to wait it out. End of March isnt that far away.
I hope you feel better soon. Try NOT to focus on it. You know that will only make you feel worse and make it more obvious in your own mind. I know its real, but you know that with MS anything can happen at any time....this is not horrible, thank goodness- and its not likely to get worse- but try to just let it do its thing...but call the doctor, since its your first 'flare up" they might want to see you.

As for the MRi, dont sweat it. Even if you arent "glowing' at the time they do it, the scar tissue will be there if it is a flareup....either way, you want to get that done to make sure your meds are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
Re: New attack?
Feb 24, 2008
Flare-ups can mimic earlier episodes or they can present with new problems. For me, I have run the gauntlet of flare-ups. Mine are generally affecting the same areas over and over, but not 100%. As you have bursitis, it would be difficult to ascertain as to what proportion was due MS. I think I would keep my neurology appointment for March and visit with a doctor who treats bursitis. That way, if there is something happening beyond the bursitis, thatoctor can better piull strings to get you to the neurologist earlier.
Re: New attack?
Feb 26, 2008
[QUOTE=Snoopy61;3457189]Hi TXChica.

You have already been diagnosed so I'm not sure why you have a fear of going into remission before your neuro appointment. Remission is a good thing and many with MS can go into remission without steroids.[/QUOTE]

I guess I fear going into remission before seeing the doctor because it's like taking a car in with a weird noise but it's not making that noise when the mechanic sees it so he's at a loss as to what's wrong. Since I'm not 100% sure that this isn't the bursitis, I want whatever is going on to be still happening so the neuro can actually see it and have a better idea where to go. Me describing it is not the same as him actually witnessing it. I really do think though this is a MS flareup. It's identical to what happened before. I did call the neuro and he's seeing me on Friday.

BTW, I've just started back on my Avonex today after being off of it for the past 6 months. I moved in September and I've been remiss in getting started back up since seeing my new neuro. I just absolutely hate these weekly shots and since I wasn't having any new symptoms I really didn't see the point. I know, I know look what's happening now. Believe me, I will not stop taking it again.

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