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Too tired to figure out how to change my name on here, but I am back in limbo land after being diagnosed with MS and now it's back to maybe, let's run more tests. So my quick question is, I had Nerve Conductivity/EMG tests done last July and they came out negative, then had Evoked Potential Tests done of entire body, hearing, visual, hands and legs done early January that came back normal. Now, the MS Specialist admitted I have weakness in my left leg, but I also am having terrible fits with neuropathy in both hands and feet. He sent me to a neuro muscular specialist who wants to perform the Nerve Conductivity/EMG tests again. She thinks the left leg weakness is due to a nerve pinching in my lumbar spine.

I was so frustrated at the thought of more tests (and having to wait ANOTHER month to have it done) that I failed to ask two main questions. First, if it is my lumbar spine on the left leg, what can they do about it and second, if my evoked potential tests were normal, then why the nerve conductivity test again. Can it change that much in eight months and what is the difference. They seemed very similar to the Evoked Potential to me. I'm feeling like calling back and telling them I don't want the tests and I want to stop taking the Neurontin, as it only seems to help me sleep and I hate taking drugs I don't need.

I know I'm feeling down today, but it's been a long week and I once again had to work myself up to go to the appointment, only to walk out and break down in tears as soon as I left due to frustration. Any help on the difference in the two tests would be beneficial. I know you guys are a wealth of knowledge here and have helped me sort out my frustrations in a positive way before making the call.
Sorry to hear that they diagnosed you then take it back,can I ask how they diagnosed you?

OK a EMG/NCS is to test the nerves and the nerves going to the muscles,this test test the nerves outside the spinal cord.

The evoked potentials test a blockage from the part of the brain going to the body part they are testing.They are a central nervous system test.

My first vep cam back normal,the next vep 18 months later came back abnormal bilaterially.

If a nerve is pinched in the back,theres several options and surgery should be the last on the list.Have done a lumbar MRI or a myelogram?

I guess he isn't saying yet that I don't have MS, he just really wanted a little big more validation. I guess I am at the "just barely" when it comes to the McDonald criteria. I see his point, he does not want to diagnose me with something I just don't have.

Maybe my brain is just on overload when it comes to medical things, but I'm still a little confused on the difference between the two. I'm actually having the EMG/nerve conduction for the second time. When I had the first one, I was simply having my hands and feet falling asleep at night and it came back normal. Right now I have definite neuropathy (at least that is what I am going with) with both of my hands and feet and definite weakness in my left leg (in the thigh area) which the MRI of the lumbar spine is showing the possibility of nerve impingement. I have also been having quite a bit of twitches (I believe the correct term is fasciculations) all over my body. She is going to repeat the hands and feet and concentrate on my thigh as to the nerve impingement. My question, will the EMG/nerve conductivity pick anything up if it is just neuropathy? I do also have lesions on my brain with small changes over a six-month period and Antiphospholipid Syndrome, so my case is a little bit confusing.

I don't know. The last six months I feel as if my body is simply shutting down slowly and the last two doctor's appt. I just came out feeling like a winer. I'm trying to get in a more positive mood so that I can call the doctor's office and have a more civil talk about why things are moving so slowly. I don't feel like waiting another month for the EMG/nerve test. Thank you for the explanation though, it was helpful.

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