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HI. I feel for you, its terrible that you have been treated this way and even worse when you feel as bad as you describe.

MS is a neurological disease, but if affects the central spinal fluid and column. THis includes the brain, the eyes and the spine..
From what you are telling us, you have so much more going on, and actually the tingling and things you describe arent really MS related tingling. MS tingling, is more of the extremities- hands, fingers, toes....the tingling isnt exactly the type of tingle which you might think- its actually more of a burning, tingling, numbness WHICH DOES CAUSE PAIN. I always laugh when I speak to my Neuros about my numb hand....if it hurts this bad, how can it be numb?

The muscle pain in the face and the tingling around the mouth- these are not classic MS symtoms....of course, I should state that NO TWO cases of MS are alike- and people can have MS and have symtoms which no one else can relate to- so anything is possible. The eye twitching, isnt MS, but eye pain, can be...optical neuritis is a big symtom of MS, and to put it in laymans terms, its inflamation of the optic nerve. Trust me, if you have it, or had it, youd probably be screaming into an ER- or at least an eye doctor..its not something you can ignore- the pain is pretty intense.

Abdominal and kidney pain- again not classic MS symtoms. Neither are breathing problems. Anxiety and depression could simply be from all you are going thru and the not would certainly be justified.

Really, the only for sure symtom you listed is the cold body parts. That is so MS like....many of us complain of that symtom. Let me ask you- do you have any heat senstivity? That means, when you get out of a hot shower or on a hot day, do you expereince dizziness, or cognitive problems? Do you have any complaints of extreme fatigue? These are more likely to be MS symptoms.

I dont in anyway mean to blow you off, but what you wrote DOESNT scream MS to me....although, its still possible. You arent in a good place, without having insurance- however all is NOT lost. You have two options, one is to look for a sliding scale or low income clinic which will send you for a neurological evaluation..the second is to go to the ER complaining of these headaches, and let them order an MRI (NOT A CT SCAN) of the brain and see if they show anything...yes, youll have to pay for it, but you can pay it off monthly. Have you tried to apply for medicaid or any other help? Are you a student, or someone who can get low cost healthcare? Any future health care oppotunties coming your way from employment or marriage? These are just things popping into my head, trying to find a loophole for you. In all honesty, I would do anything possible to have another doctor see you and give you an opinion. I wouldnt refuse tests due to the cost- these tests are really describe something more like Fibro in your description- but again, theres no way to tell without further testing..

I wish you the best- I wish I could say something more positive- but unfortunately, the only way to dx MS is to rule out EVERYTHING else..this includes Lyme, Fibro, Brain infections and a host of other things which only show up in tests..simple blood tests will rule out deficiencies- MRIs to rule out lesions from MS- Spinal Taps to check for Obands (also MS) and blood can also rule out Lyme, but be careful with that- the blood test which rules out Lyme conclusively, is not done at "just any lab". (you can find out more about Lyme by looking at the Lyme board, here on healthboards.)

Let us know how you are..

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