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MS symptoms?
Feb 28, 2008
Hi. I am 54. I have been feeling scared that I might have MS. My brother has MS. I was not feeling well again this month and started taking note of my symptoms over the past several years which started in my early 30's. This time I have had a lot of stiffness in my legs and arms with fatigue. I still feel a little weakness in my legs. I have been diagnosed with Raynauds(sp?) syndrome, my toes get either real hot and red or white and I can not feel my toes. Years ago I had a couple of episodes where my legs were so heavy I could hardly walk up steps. I am dizzy a lot. Many times throughout the year I will start to feel so fatigued I can hardly do anything, I will get dizzy and sometimes have body aches. This lasts for 2 to 5 days and then goes away. I always think I must have some kind of flu. When I read or watch TV I often will get double vision. My eye doctor has not found anything wrong. I have had episodes of numbness on the skin in my leg, or sometimes it is painful to touch and notice that I cannot feel the water from the shower in certain parts of my body. Sometimes my scalp gets real tender to touch. I have tingling and burning sensation in my legs and feet. I am very sensitive to the extreme heat and humidity totally drains me. I also have depression and anxiety but my anxiety has been really bad lately. Lately at night before I sleep I have been getting a quick jerk in one of my legs or arms. Over the years I have never given MS a thought because when my brother was diagnosed several years ago he lost total control of his leg. But now I am wondering. I am wondering if my doctor will take me seriously or think it is anxiety. But can anxiety cause all of these symptoms. I have not read here where anyone here gets double vision when reading. My eyes will get blurry when watching TV. I also have a buzzing in my ears. I am feeling kind of scared and any words out there would help. Thank you for listening.

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