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[B]Does anyone who has MS have this? I am [/B]not dx, in limbo for almost 4 years. I have had dizziness/imbalance and strange neuro symptoms all this time. Been to the whole array of Drs. Now seeing a MS neuro, who isn't sure what is going on..could be MS?. I basically live each day with dizziness (never vertigo), legs always wanting to move/urge to jump out of my body feeling. Hands feel weak and shakey especially if I hold something heavy. I have pain in my right eye on and off. Been to Neuro-opthomologist who said I show no signs of ON, probably migraine causing pains. I have double vision sometimes, my left eye floats outward. I wear prism glasses for the computer. I get nauseous sometimes. Hot/cold feelings different places in my body. Just a general feeling of feeling like crap. I am 35. Always been healthy and active.
My MRI shows scattered little white spots on the surface of brain. Neuro says they are not consistene with MS. More consistent with Migraine or unknown? I do have a history of migraine. My SSEP, VEP, etc all normal, blood work for Lyme, Lupus, all neuro. He wants to watch. MRI every 6 months. They have shown no changes for 3 years. Cervical MRI Clear.
Have not had lumbar tap yet.

I am just so frustrated. If I have MS, I would want to be on the Meds, right? I haven't had any sustained "episodes" or a relapse I guess where something has gone numb or something. I only have these weird sensations that last for a few days or weeks, then come back.
To me, that sounds like RRMS.

Thanks for listening. Rachel

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