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85% of MS patients will have indicators in their LP results. As for being lost- I personally think you are on the right path. It is absolutely important to sit down with your doctor to make an informed decision as to the path that is best for you. (Your health comes before others because if you are not healthy, you can not help others.) As to the blood patch, it is commonly used for post-LP recovery. Some people require 2-3 patches. I hope you are well recovered.

It is wishful thinking to hope that your doctor is wrong. If you still have fears, belay them and know that your life begins anew. It is up to you to allow MS to become an ogre or to make it take a backseat in your life. There are support groups, such as this site, and local groups. There are many sources of support and comfort.

I think that your doctor was being pro-active in contacting you with your results. There is much stress and fear in waiting for answers. Read all the information your doctor gives you and arrange a follow-up appointment as soon as possible to determine your informed decision. Meds or no Meds, homeopathic or some alternative treatment, or whatever else exists- you need to make the decision that fits your lifestyle and your health needs first. As you ease into life with MS, please realize that there will be roller-coaster cycles along with doubts. On those days or any day, vent or share here. Bottling your emotions will only allow the MS Ogre to grow. Releasing your emotions and stress will keep MS in the backseat.:angel::angel::angel::angel:

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