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What should I do?
Mar 12, 2008
I have been in an attack for the last 6 weeks.

It started with numbness in my left side from my ribcage down to my toes. Every day it got a little worse. By the time I got to the neuro. two weeks later, my ribcage and back were burning. When she pricked the spots with her little pin, I literally had to keep from crying. Of course, my left side showed weakness. My left leg felt heavy when I walked, and the tingling was starting to go into my right side as well.

The neuro. ordered mri's of my brain and all of my spine, with and without contrast, and a spinal tap. She also gave me a round of oral steriods.

The steriods helped right away, but only to a certain extent. The numbness never totally went away.

Four days after the spinal tap, (I did follow all the directions about laying flat on my back, etc...) I had the most horrible headache ever in my life. After a CT scan in the emergency room, and IV pain medication, I was given another round of steriods.

Since this time, I have had all kinds of symptoms.

Cognative issues-Can't concentrate at all. I ran a red light because I treated it like a stop sign. I stopped, looked both ways, and went! I forgot my pin number to my debit card. I tried three times, and still couldn't remember. Luckily I had cash to pay! I asked my son later, and I had been off by one number. I forgot what day my doctors appointment was, and literaly got ready to go on the wrong day. I can't add simple numbers. Many other issues like this that I won't bore you with. I just have a general haze, and thinking "hurts".

I have an electrical buzzing that I feel on and off. I feel it very strongly when I bend my head down, it feels like a shock! I know that this indicated an active leision on my spine. The mri of the spine showed that. Anyway, even after two rounds of steriods, it is still VERY active!

I also feel a general shakyness all over. My left arm visably shakes when I hold it out in front of me.

I cannot stand, with my feet together, and close my eyes. I know this indicates balance issues. I am very unsteady on my feet, and have to walk slow. Yesterday was the first day I've been in the grocery store in 6 weeks. I had to hold on to the basket to keep my balance and not get too dizzy.

I get tingly and numb feelings all over that come and go.

Sometimes my chest hurts and feels heavy, and I have had sharp pains as well.

I have been pretty much bed-ridden for the past 6 weeks, with so little energy.

Also, my eyes are doing funny things.

So now for my question...Do I wait this out, and hope to get better?
Should I ask my doctor about an IV steriod? I don't like the idea of IV steriod necessarily, but the two rounds or oral steriods have definately not stopped the attack. I don't want to take the chance of a disability just because I didn't take my symptoms seriously.

I would love to hear your opinions. I had one liesion a year and a half ago. I never completely recovered. I continued to be tired and have headaches almost daily. Now I have 6 on my brain and one on my spine. That seems like a lot to me, in just a year and a half.
Hi april,

Thanks for your reply.

I started having symptoms a year and a half ago, and mri found 1 leision.

The neuro. (my first one) sorta blew me off, so I waited out the symptoms. My tremor and weakness in my right hand slowly got better, but I learned to live with fatigue and almost daily headaches.

A year and a half later came the numbness from my ribcage to my toes. The burning was extreem and painful. I had moved to a new state at this point, therefore saw a new neuro. She ordered mri's of brain and spine. Six liesions where found on my brain at this point, and one on my spine. She diagnosed me with highly probable MS because the spinal fluid was clear. I didn't quite get this because the criteria for rrms does not have to include spinal fluid. Just 2 or more episodes, 2 or more liesions. She went on to say that there would never be a need for another spinal tap?

Anyway, after two rounds of oral steriods, I am still having tons of symptoms. It is to the point where I have been in bed practically for 6 and a half weeks. The eye pain, blurryness bothers me because I don't want to ignore it and then regret it later. She did examine and say that the left eye was "questionable". I am having pain all around the outside of both my eyes, as well as the eye it'self. Sometimes the pain gets worse when I look up. My perifial vision gets squiggely sometimes. I see floaters. The screen on my cell phone looked dim to me, but not to other people. Yes, I know that some of these things happen and are not ms symptoms, but not necessarily all at the same time, within a few days of each other. Especially with everything else that is going on right now. With these symptoms, should I wait till it gets worse so someone will take me serious, or not? I am thinking if I wait, and it does get worse, it will take several days just to get in to see the neuro.

I have read that if you bend your head down, and feel an electrical like current, you have an active liesion on the spine. I know that I had an active liesion on the spine 6 weeks ago because of the mri showed it. Since I am still having the electrical current, many times even when I don't bend my head down, I would think this means that the liesion is still active. I just feel that the oral steriods did not stop the attack. I feel that the attack is still raging through my body 6 weeks later.

Well, my husband is talking about going to a different neuro. This time maybe an ms specialist.

I decided not to take the provigil this morning, which is a stimulant, to see if it would help the shakes. So far, they haven't gotten any better.

When I was given the diagnosis a few weeks ago, I was actually relieved. I now could move forward with treatment. I had been living with the possibility for over a year and a half, so it wasn't shocking. I can't say that I like the diagnosis, but I'm not freaking out either.

Glad you all let me get this out!!

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