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I have been sick for over a year seeing many doctors in a range of specialties. I was advised over and over again, it's just your thyroid (diagnosed with Graves 3 years ago) and my Thyroid med would be changed for the 100th time. I was referred to a Neurologist who specialized in Fibromyalgia. The normal Neuro test he does on all patients, (hit my knee with hammer, blah blah blah) resulted in him advising me I was "a mess neurologically". He ordered MRI (Brain/Spine), Evoke Potentials, Nerve Study, blood work and the worst test every, the spinal tap. He never said - "I think it's MS" - he just said he felt there was something going on in my brain causing the symptoms I was having. I couldn't vaccum a room without having to lay down for 4-5 hours, every day after work I went straight to bed until the next morning. I forget what I am talking about mid-sentence and/or I know what I am trying to say but cannot find the words. I told him "I felt like something was really wrong and if we didn't figure it out, it may be too late to treat it. (PS: up to that point, I never even read or knew anything about MS).

Three weeks ago, my husband and I went to get my results and Doc said my spinal tap confirmed it - I have MS. I was relieved for about 30 mins becuase something was finally found and I wasn't crazy and then I went home and read about the disease. The panic, confusion, frustration and reality have set in.

I did the 5 day infusion therapy with steriods, I tried the meds for fatigue to no avail and promptly started my MS injections 8 days ago. I am still only awake 3-4 hours a day. I sometimes take a sip of water and fall asleep before I swallow and choke. My husband wakes me up to make sure I eat, take my medicine and walk around to get some exercise. He is a Dallas Fireman and my hero!

Why am I not getting any energy back??? I thought the Infusion therapy was supposed to end the relapses more quickly? I don't understand. My GOD am I going to be like this the rest of my life. My life revolves around my bedroom!

Please tell me someone out there has experienced this fatigue and that it DOES GET BETTER. I need to know somebody somewhere has seen this thru and that I will start regaining my life at some point!!!

Sorry for the desperation but I need to get back to my job and taking care of my husband and my son!!!!

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