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I have written to the board a couple of times and I appreciate all of your comments and help. I just need to vent a little!

Fortunately, I have not been diagnosed with MS at this point. However, I have a Neurologist who is supposed to be ruling out all other diseases so that he can determine the cause of my 4 bouts with Optic Neuritis. So far I have talked to him one time which was my initial visit which lasted about 20 minutes. He said that he wanted to make sure that I did not have Rheumatoid, Lupus… or any other disease that could be causing ON. On my first visit I took him my previous MRI scans which I was told were normal. He scheduled me for a spinal MRI. This was two months ago. Since then I have been left hanging. The nurse just said that everything else he had tested for looked normal except that I am anemic. When I asked her about the results of the spine MRI she said that it "usually takes him a long time to read them".

Finally three weeks later I received a voice mail from his nurse surprisingly addressing my “neck pain” and the arthritis that was found in my neck at C4 & C5 and what over the counter medication I needed to take. It was clear that she didn’t know why I had been there in the first place since I have no neck pain and was clueless about the arthritis. I called back immediately and of course got voice mail and told her that I had more questions about blood work, MRI finding, further testing…etc. Since then I have left voice mails (I rarely get a live person when I call) with no response. So, then I resorted to sending a lengthy email with all the questions that I have for the doctor. That was two weeks ago. Last week I sent a follow-up email marked 2nd request along with a voice mail to make sure they got the email. So far… nothing. They are not even responding to requests that my test results be sent to my PCP. All I know is that the neurologist has scheduled me for yet another MRI but has not answered my questions from the other one.

So, Friday I visited with my PCP to fill him in on my new case of ON (which was diagnosed by a retinal specialist) and how I am being ignored by the Neurologist. He recommended I get a new one. I now have an appointment with a doctor that is supposed to be excellent and specializes in diagnosing MS. The appointment is not until June but I was expecting a long wait since he is well known. I just feel like I am constantly starting over. It has been 6 years since my first episode and I have never been treated for it. It seems like everyone I talk to that has had ON were given IV steroids…etc. I am just told that it will go away on its own and it does. However, it doesn’t satisfy my need to know why it is happening. I am a graphic artist and spend tons of time at the computer. My vision is very important and this time it has really been a struggle to continue seeing well enough to work. I leave every day with a terrible headache.

Thanks for listening (reading). Any advice is appreciated.

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