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Hi all,

I need all the advice I can get.

Since about three months I have been having these symptoms:
* tingling in left hand, both hands, right foot, or burning sensations when I bend the neck (l'hermitte ?)
* tingling and buzzing sensations all over the body (underfoot, in fingers, chest, etc)
* tightness around the angles that comes and goes
* sharp pains in muscles
* jumping nerves on face and sometimes elsewhere
* symptoms aggravated when taking hot showers (especially the tingling and numbness)
* pain and flashes of light in the left eye in more than one occasion that left me with lots of floaters
* weird sensations on the legs (creeping)

I have had a brain and spine MRI which came back negatvie...
except for small foci of hypoersensitivity in the frontal region and the cerebral hemispheres - and a "very mild left foraminal stenosis" that doesn't bend the spinal cord

My blood work (B12, etc) doesn't show anything particular except a TSH of 5.7 but normal Free-T3 and Free-T4.

The neuro can't tell me what is wrong (initially thought MS but now says no since MRI is negative according to neurologist).

My GP thinks MS but is not a specialist...

Should I seek another opinion or what?
Has anybody out there have gone through a similar situation (negative MRI but ultimately diagnosed)?
Can small foci of hypoersensitivity be small MS plaques?

Thanks a lot I don't know what to do next...


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