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[QUOTE=Chell2123;3504148]Hello! I'm new here to health boards, and I think It's great how much support is shown!
I have recently been having some weird sensations throughout my body, it first started a couple weeks ago as burning sensations in my right buttock, thigh and foot.. my right side of my face felt alittle numb and I know this may sound weird but it felt like my brain was getting the "chills" (hard to explain the feeling). I have felt it in my left leg as well! Along with all of that I have been having some really bad headaches everyday and it seems my eyes are becoming "blurry"! I was referred to a Neurologist, whom I went to see today and am scheduled for an MRI & MRA on Friday of this week! I am 31 years old and driving myself nuts trying to figure out what is "wrong" with me! Has anyone ever had any of these similar symptoms? As far as I know noone in my family has ever been diagnosed with MS.... although my father does have Agent Orange from Vietnam and it worries me that Peripheal Neuropathy is a side effect in Children of veterans... I apologize for Rambling on but I;m just trying to shed some light on all of this!![/QUOTE]

Hey hun, you're my age! :) I relate to what you're saying all too well. Blurry vision when I had perfect vision for so long, brain getting the chills... I'd go to bed and I felt like there was a river flowing through my brain (I'm leaning now towards stress being the case of these sensations), headaches... DAILY! Ugh, aren't they awful? I'm now almost headache free. I do get a small one sometimes, take 1 tylenol and it's gone. Much better than the 10 tylenol (not joking) that I was munching down daily without relief. Burning sensations ~raises hand~. I still get these sometimes down my inner right leg. Right side facial spasms and feels like a nerve twitching occasionally in there.

You haven't received your diagnosis yet, which is unfortunate, because the worst part of what you're going through is the period of not having the answers. Keep that in mind. You will eventually get your answers, and there is currently no sense in worrying about the 'what ifs'. Just be diligent in finding the answers. You may have to work a bit yourself to get them. Reading about what you're going through online, because what you described is all too close to the symptoms I had, is going to cause more stress.

Best advice, and I believe Nikki said it first, don't look online for answers. Come here for support! :D Reason I say this... we're real people who have all been through the process. We're able to respond and provide support. If you go looking around through searches, you're going to come across everything imaginable, and you'll eventually think you have 10 different possible diseases. I was sure after looking around myself that I had HIV, Lyme disease, Lupus. Then I found this wonderful forum and support here, plus I received my diagnosis thankfully, which did end up being MS, but if you consider what I thought I had after looking for the answers elsewhere, MS is a much better diagnosis :)

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