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Hi everyone.

Alright - I have NO IDEA where to start this. (I will probably leave stuff out.) I hope you have a big cup of patience with you... can pull up a chair, and spare me a moment. It would mean a lot. On Monday (The 24th of March) after an average day, with my shoes I have had for months now that have never caused me a problem - I sat down for time on the computer, as I do nearly every night, once my children are snuggled down into their beds.. and I noticed, my feet HURT. Not an "I have been on my feet all day" sort of ache - but I swore when I pulled my socks off, I was going to find blisters all across the soles of my feet. Alas - there was nothing. NOTHING. But the pain. It was worse in my left foot - but there on both of them. I assumed I had been on them too long or something, and eventually went to bed, thinking it would resolve itself overnight. It did not. The pain was there the next morning - like blisters that don't leave a mark - or (as a previous post on the board described it, which LED me to find you guys!!) "marbles in my feet" - pins and needles. A dozen different phrases could be used to describe it. And - here I am, 6 days later, and it is still there.

I have no insurance. I cannot go to a doctor with all the odd ailments that have plagued me here and there over the years. And when I went on a hunt to self diagnose this new ailment - once again... there it was, at the top of my search - "Symptoms of MS" - and I thought... maybe it is time to listen.

So - let me give you some history. The history I can remember anyway... as my memory is absolutely HORRIBLE (a symptom in itself, so I have read?) A few years ago - I cannot remember exactly when, or why - I THINK it was from persistent tingling in my back/shoulder area or something - that was the FIRST time I can remember MS coming up in a search I did to see what was "wrong with me" - and then, it went away... and I conveniently forgot all about it.

Then, last year, I was having eye troubles. I have never had great color vision, but it was bothering me much more.... things seemed even more out of whack - and my night vision went poor - AND my eyes seemed to take forever to adjust, things always looked blurry and such. Thankfully at that time, I actually had a little money (still no insurance) and I went to an Ophthalmologist, who ran all sorts of tests... (she did NOT ever tell me it was optic neuritis - and I presume she would have seen that without specifically "searching" for it, right!?) I still have test results to go pick up - the last test she did showed something - but that was in October, and I have not been there to get the results back. She WAS at the time referring me to a Neurologist - thought I think one that specialized in eyes. In November I had to basically stop "worrying" about my eyes - they were getting a bit better... and I had a newer, more expensive, immediate concern (a stage 1 melanoma to remove) - and since then, I have not been back, not even to get my other test results - I just have not had the time.

OH! Also - starting last year - Last March 17th (07) - I remember the date so specifically because my brother was visiting from out of town - I had the oddest thing happen - sparkles all over the side of my visual field. Everywhere. It happened 2 weeks later.... then 4 weeks after that... and approximately at least twice a month there after. The eye doctor did tell me that was probably a scintillating scotoma - aura migraine... just without the migraine. So... I went for that explanation... though it was freakishly frequent. She didn't understand that - and just when I decided I was going to write down each occurrence (they all lasted about 30 minutes) it stopped!! The only one I wrote down was November 26th - and then I have not had once since! (Go figure, right?) And I am mentioning this because I also saw it in a post from a while back, that someone had it when they started noticing their symptoms of MS.

Ok... where am I at... anyway - this will get really, really long if I try to explain ALL of it - so, let me list off the "symptoms" I have had over the past year, sometimes more. Now - I KNOW these could ALL have other explanations. I am not a hypochondriac. But I just realized... one thing after another seems to come up with MS as a possibility - and, how long should I ignore it for?

Ok, here goes:

The scotoma

Now my vision IS blurry again, ever since I had the flu in early Feb. which ended, by the way - with a week of VERY painful eye movements. (Optic neuritis?) Now it is just blurry.

I have periods where, I will get very dizzy while I drive - all the turning of my head I have to do and whatnot. It is not constant - it lasts persistently for a week, maybe a little more - then fades away for a few months.

I have never had a great tolerance for heat - sitting outside by the pool will make me dizzy... it is just very unpleasant.

I have been exhausted for a WHILE now. And now with my foot problem, this past week I have been SO SO tired along with that.

For the past year, maybe - I feel like my reflexes are slowed... mental and physical. And I can no longer type worth a crap! I used to be a speed demon on a keyboard... now "backspace" is my friend.

SO - there you have it. Even right now - my fingers are tingling. It is like, if I pay attention to these things, these problems I always have... I go - ok - maybe I *should* do something about this??

My body just hurts these days... my left arm right now, is hurting as I type. It's making me crazy!

Now - I know these could all be symptoms of something else. I know each thing could be it's each individual problem. I guess I just wanted some feedback. As right now, I cannot just go to the doctor. I have no insurance, I am dealing with a divorce, and am moving in July. I don't know if I want to be reassured I am not nuts - or reassured it is all probably nothing!!! But - I just really wanted to get a dialogue going anyway.

Thank you all for listening,
Lisa (I am 27, BTW)

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