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I sympathise with you, and agree that yes, doctors are in fact insane. I have had my dx for 3 years and everytime I see a new doc they seem to doubt that I have MS. They usually start the conversation with something like "Are you diagnosed with MS or "possible" or "probable" MS? Then it usually goes " know lime disease mimics MS.... are you sure they ran all the right tests...?". Of course, at that point I respond with something sarcastic like "No.. I don't have MS at all.. I just walk funny and claim I have MS because it's such an enjoyable experience - you should really try it some time." Now I just bring my MRIs and med charts and let them see for themselves. After about 5 seconds they just nod and add MS into their chart.

My advice, first and foremost, would be to keep a copy of all your med records. After your visit, ask the neuro to make a copy you can keep and start a file. This is extremely important because you find clues in there they never say outloud. It also gives you some records if you need it later.

Second, I agree with limpster, absolutely do not tell them what you think it is. Usually if you start with "I think I have MS" they are going to think you are a hypocondriac and trying to self diagnose and they will write you off. Just give them the list of problems (High five for keep notes!) and do their exams and let them come to their own conclusions. Make sure you ask a lot of questions, like "what do you think might be going on" if they respond with something vague "it's hard to tell at this stage..." ask for "possible scenarios". Keep the questions rolling!

Best wishes in your search,

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