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Could I have MS
Apr 5, 2008
About 5 years ago I started with symptoms, waves of numbness across the small of my back leading to feelings of off balance. chronic tiredness, and other minor complaints I had regular visits to the gp who could not explain them then 2 years ago It was discovered I had a growth in my thyroid gland discovered through high calcium levels, I had the thyroid gland removed and put all my symptoms down to that. HOwever about 6 months after surgery they returned but worse and with new symptoms a twitching around my right eye muscle. pins and needles in my hands and a muzziness in the head only way I can describe it is if you imagine a hose pipe conected in your head and someone puts a kink in it and you feel as if you have instantly dropped off like in some boring meeting but to those looking on you have not. the off balance steming from the back increased and I have had blood test after blood test with GP saying weird symptoms. and being a single working mum each time I get them again I cant always afford the time off to go back to the GP. the last new symptom started 2 weeks ago on the top of my left foot. It suddenly starts to feel incredibly hot in one spot and the temp keeps rising as if foot going to combust and then I feel the instant cool as it passes this has been ongoing 24/7 for 2 weeks. I also wonder if the joint pain that was diagnosed as fibromyalgia years ago is related. Reason for my question is I looked up the symptom of my foot and it led me to an MS site and the symptoms seem, to match most of mine any insight would be greatly appreciated I think the doc thinks IM mad



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