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Hi everybody,

I have been diagnosed with RRMS last November and have been on rebif since then doing rather well.

Last week i caught a bad flu and was really unwell. It left me with a horrendous muscle and joint pain all over the body that starts whenever I stay still or sleep. It is really strange, i do quite well when active and walking or even doing sport, the pain vanishes. But whenever I stop moving, like when I go to sleep, if Isit down for more than 20mn or I drive my car, I have great pain when I try to move again. When i wake up in the middle of the night, my body is so sour that i can hardly walk.

Then during the day i am going to work and managing it just moving my legs as ofen as I can.

I got worried after a week of symptoms and rang my neurologist and he reckons it is not related to MS since it is in all muscles and this is not typical. If it was MS, it is not likely to be bilateral he said.

Has anybody experienced similar symptoms or have an idea? Never happened to me before, really scary... Thanks alot
Hi, alex. "Not likely" in MS is a whole lot different than "impossible"! My MS specialist dismissed something that happened to me as not being MS related and my other doctor and I are fairly convinced that it was, or at least somewhat related. I haven't experienced what you're talking about but I wouldn't worry about it or at least not worry yet. Give it some time and continue to track the severity of your sx. If it lasts another week or so you might want to go in to see the doctor.

Also, most neurological sx/episodes occur or are more pronounced when the body is at rest. It's strange, I know! But again, this could just be the aftermath of a very bad flu that isn't out of your system yet.

Hope you feel better soon -- please keep us posted.
Hello. I've experienced the joint pain for sure. I have it when I'm active, but it's definitely worse while I'm still. It's mostly in my ankles, knees and hips.

For years I thought I had arthritis, but this was ruled out. Both my MS specialist and my PCP say it's from MS.

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