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While it's great to now have a diagnosis, I fear that if I get an unrelated illness/health issue, because it is recognized that I have MS, the doctor's initial reaction may be simply "That's MS causing it".

Right now, I have a pain in my right side top gums, all across my teeth. The pain radiates into my cheek on that side. I have a suspicion that it's actually tooth or gum related, but when I asked the doctor about it, their reaction was "MS".

I also have an ear pain on that side. Same reaction "MS".

How can I truly know if this is MS? I don't have a fever/chills, just this pain that intensifies over the day from the time I wake up. Certain foods (strawberries I noted) make the gums almost sting, which leads me to believe it's not MS. How can I be sure to trust the doctor's opinion with something like this, versus pursing it further?

I guess the big question is, how can I now ever know what is MS and what is not MS? Anyone else been here before?

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