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Thats what got me on the MS path in the first place, dizziness and balance. My VEP and MRI were both positive and like you said, neg on the LP. My issues right now are, off balance, twitching in various areas (feet, fatty part of thumb leading into hand, I feel like a freak show watching it, lol) scalp. Tightness across chest. Hot sensation on top of right foot for about two weeks, now switched to the left. Bad pain in upper back/neck/shoulders. Twitching eye, twitching eyelid. Freezing/sweating. Stiff in legs and arms. If I move my feet just right, I start into a cramp. Burning in my face. Very tired lately. Stabbing in brain. Feelings of getting a poke from an electrical outlet (love that one............NOT). I hope this helps. I hope you get answers soon. Hang in there :)

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