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Hi. Just updating with my neuro consult I had recently. He is not an MS specialist, which I could really tell, and he wants me to go to one. He has given me the diagnosis of possible MS but as of yet I have not had a Lymes test taken. I was very grateful to this website for suggesting everyone bring their MRI films with them because I don't think I would have thought of that. He reviewed my films (briefly) which do show I have some lesions but his thought was that if I had MS I should have multiple lesions. That is not true is it? (My MRI stated I have several small hyperintense foci). He said I have too much brain atrophy for my age. He would not be specific about what could cause that but when I questioned if MS could cause that he said "yes". My question is has anyone else been told they have brain atrophy and if so, was the reason MS? He did not understand why they gave me an open MRI and wants me to have a closed one plus a LP and VEP test. I am a snowbird and will be traveling home now to where we do have a lot of MS specialists so will follow-up there.

Also, since my exacerbation of symptoms about six weeks ago I am still weak in the legs with heaviness and my arms are not back to normal yet either. Is this typical for MS to be in all extremities at once? I still get very tired with exertion.

I wanted to say that I call myself monkey because I have raised two capuchin monkeys for Helping Hands who train monkeys to help quadriplegic people and also MS people who need help. People would call me the monkey lady. Visit their website if interested, if nothing else it is fun to see them. Watch the monkey college video. When my husband and I took our last monkey back to Boston we visited the new monkey college. It was quite impressive. I would be happy to answer any questions. Their website is
Have a great day everyone.

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