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You shouldn't have to wait that long! You could call your doctor the day after the MRI and ask what the results are. Good luck!
I've heard 7 days, but I think it all depends on how the results are handled and if they have to be sent elsewhere etc to be analyzed.
[QUOTE=stephthepeach;3527638]Hi all,
I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow (not at my neurologist's office). I don't have another neurology appt. for two months. Anyone know when I'll be able to see the report regarding the MRI? Do I have to wait two months?

When they ran me through the MRI, my results were back in two hours, but they ran me while I was an inpatient. Of course my doctor was waiting next door for them, so that sped things up.

I would wait until your next appointment. If you have them now you would have to read the reports and do your doctors job. If there is something that requires urgent attention, then they would contact you quickly. I would not worry about it and just keep living your life one day at a time.
Ask them in the MRI department how long it takes to go to medical records. Call the records department and request your MRI report and/our films or cd. I have gotten all of my hospital procedure results this way, the results to my LP, VEP, MRI and CT scan. I'm NOT a patient person.
actually DO NOT LEAVE THE MRI CENTER without a copy of your films! You have the right to ask for them...they might offer you a CD or films, if you have a choice, take the films...they are easier to read and show more info..

As far as the report goes, that gets faxed to your doctor and is usually there within 24 hours. Its in your best interest to start a collection. Either call the doctors office 48 hours later and ask for the results BUT ALSO ASK THEM IF YOU CAN PICK UP A COPY OF YOUR REPORT or wait until you see the doctor and ask to be given a copy of the report but GET IT. I cant tell you how many times I have seen an eye doctor with eye pain, or an ortho guy with neck pain, who all know I have MS and want to see my latest MRI.....I always bring both my MRIs and my reports so that they have all the info they need. When I moved from Philly to Jersey, I had 8 MRIs with all the reports, my LP results, my blood work from the past 3 years (and thats alot, since I get it done quarterly) EVERYTHING. You never know who is going to ask you for it, but I can tell you that keeping a file on all this is critical and time saving, should you relapse!

Good luck..

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