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Hi Snoopy
I am not being seen by a Urologist at the moment. I saw one several years ago when I had the problem then. All sorts of tests were done and the end result being I was not emptying my bladder. The problem seemed to just go away and be ok for years but has started up again. My doctor has suggested I see one again but with all the other tests that have been going on we thought we would hold at the moment. I have had a cervical MRI as well as brain both a couple of years ago. Report of brain read one or two foci of increased signal - does this mean lesions? The consultant however said normal MRI's.
I was booked for a spinal tap but the whole thing was a nightmare and I ended up not having it done and wonder what is the point at the moment if I will not get a conclusive answer to my problems.
My previous neurologist felt he had done all he could and suggested I have
another opinion and that is were I am now.
Do you think another MRI might show something or should I start looking at other possibilities.

Since you haven't had a MRI in a couple of years then yes, it's time to have it done again. The foci that was mentioned would more than likely be lesions but more than MS can cause lesions. If you have another round of MRIs and more lesions show then you could be getting closer to a diagnosis.

The problem with testing for MS is there is not one single test that can make a diagnosis of MS conclusive but the more positive tests you get and the more other things are ruled out the more chance you have of a diagnosis.

When I was diagnosed the MRI was relatively new. My brain MRI was clear (no lesions), VEP was inconclusive but my LP was positive. I had my diagnosis. If my LP had not been positive I would not have gotten the diagnosis at that time. I was also in the middle of a severe exacerbation at the time .

Testing has changed through the years but the fact remains - no matter what symptoms you are having unless you can get some test results that are positive you cannot get a diagnosis of MS.

If your having problems again it's time to start testing again :(

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