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I posted the following on the Lyme disease board, and people were asking if I've been tested for MS. I had a spinal tap about 9 months ago when symptoms started (completely normal) and an MRI of the brain in August 2007 which I was told at the time was normal. When I changed neuros this month they told me the MRI was actually technically abnormal because there was "a spot on the left side" but they weren't worried about it. The neuro seemed a little intrigued about the pins/needles only happening in the hot shower when I rotate my shoulder and ordered a c-spine, t-spine and brain MRI...then changed her mind and cancelled them all. An "evoked response" test for the eyes was normal.

Can someone (pretty please) tell me if this sounds enough like early MS to warrant further investigation? I feel like the hospital has been dismissing a lot of my symptoms because I'm "too young" or -- my favorite -- "look too good" to have a "real" illness. I've had my body for 22 years, and believe me, I know something is wrong. It hasn't gotten better in 10 months, and I would really, really appreciate any input on where to go from here. Thanks!

I'm 22 years old, female. I've been sick since July 2007. It started very suddenly overnight with heart palpitations, dizziness and muscle twitching. Over the next week or two I noticed muscle aches, prolonged dizziness/lightheadedness, muscle twitches and cramps, low fevers (99-ish) and very pronounced fatigue. The fatigue and fevers seemed to get better slowly over the summer but the dizziness and muscle aches in the neck and shoulders persisted along with some joint pain mostly in the wrists/fingers/elbows. Muscle and joint pain seem to wax and wane in roughly month-long cycles. Dizziness/woozy feeling comes whenever/wherever but seems to get worse with heat or sunlight and at the and of a period of neck/shoulder pain. I now get very noticeable (though not really painful) pins and needles in the hands during a hot shower. This disappears about 5-10 minutes after cooling down.

Doctors haven't been much of a help to me. I've had three blood tests for Lyme (negative) along with a lot of autoimmune stuff and no abnormal results. Consequently I've been told I have anything from generalized anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, irregular migraines, or just plain full-blown hypochondria. I don't believe in the theory that it's all in my head, and my family and friends who know me well know that something is wrong. Enough random people told me my symptoms "sound like Lyme" that I sought out an infectious disease doc. in Longmeadow MA who thinks I have Lyme in spite of negative test results....

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