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I think this is one of the biggest myths about MS. Pain is one of the symptoms that sent me to the doctor and resulted in an MS diagnosis. When I told my dad I have MS, he said "At least it won't cause you pain".

It's simply not true. I have severe joint pain, and my MS specialist says it's due to MS. I also get pains, especially in my abdomen, from muscles spasms, which is definitely MS.

The worst pain by far, the one that led me to the doctor, felt like a red hot poker being stabbed in my back. It was always the same place, on the left side of my upper back. Any other cause for it was ruled out, and it comes back occasionally when I'm stressed, overly fatigued, or just did to much physically.

I would suggest seeing an MS specialist. They will know what to look for. Muscle relaxers have helped me with the pain caused by muscle spasms, but I just live with the joint pain. I hope you get some answers soon!
[QUOTE=taosdaphne;3571504]Pain? I'm sitting here on Lortab tying to grade final exams. Mostly it's my knee--the orthopod thinks I have a tiny bone chip causing inflammation . I said NSAIDS do nothing, he said what does. I said Lortab and got a script w. no refills. But I'll be seeing m6y own doc next week and talking to my MS team,all wg=hof whom seem to have gone off to a confrence. :< And the stabbing pain someone desceibed is probably nerve pain--gabapentin has worked in the past, so I may go back on it.

But no surgery needed on the knee! And the GI guy says people die of old age loaded with gallstones, so if I'm not having symptoms, let's leave it in Yay! NO SCALPELS!! Just the horrid tea my accupuncturist makes me drink. Shudder! But its working.[/QUOTE]

Mono arthritis (pain in one side of the body or one joint) is symptomatic of Lyme Disease. I know because my left knee just doesn't work properly anymore, after a 15 year long untreated Lyme Disease infection. I suffered from recurrent boughts of pain in the knee, jaw, recurring proplems with dry eyes and a conjuctivitis like problem, stabbing nerve pain, headaches and one bought of blindness in one eye, along with severe boughts of depression.

I have a feeling that a long course of minocycline will probably leave you feeling better than ever, and at very low cost. However, you should be prepared to feel much worse for a few days or weeks after starting treatment. For more info just do a websearch for: MS and minocycline

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