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thanks you guys! well I got my period for the second time this month.. light bleed,,I say god what is this related to female problems? I called my OB today,,we talked about the blood tests done two months back. no I am not premenopause but,my progesterone and totesterone both way down. I am ovulating but sounds wierd,,,I have this unbalance that needs balanced so she sais ok I prescribed hormones for u,,u were supposed to go get them either in creem form or pill. I said I was??so now thats been ordered but she thinks I better see my family dr again get that referel to a nero and do an MRI. well the hormone thing is there..I just didnt understand the letter they sent about it,,I hope the nero talks to me in plain english.

the 27th ..I see my family dr,,ok then what? he sends me to a nero? they do the MRI? god I feel like sufficating everytime I think of that big machine.. what doom will they give me after reading xray. what do they exactly look for again on MRI? is it soley the brain? all my symptoms point to MS every one. but I stii imagine a big mass or something completely bomb scary.
today..I just feel exhausted,,I stoped searching the web for medical help,,it just hypes me more up, came here instead..I need a nap.

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