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Re: Diet for MS
Jun 4, 2008
I completely agree with you Larry. I think that all the chemicals in our food, not to mention processed food, may be behind many diseases that are so prevalent now, or at least they contribute in increases in these diseases in some way. I buy organic whenever I can, especially meat. I grow a few veggies, but not too many, since I have a million creatures in my yard that like them. I do grow all my own herbs though, most creatures don't like them. I also grow herbs and tomatoes indoors with a grow light for the winter time. I'm fond of herbs because they're good for you, and because they add a lot of flavor to foods--I don't eat a lot of salt.

The price of organic food, any food now, is a problem, but I believe that if more people buy it, the price will go down. Farmer's Markets are great too; not only can you buy organic, but you're helping the local economy.

As far as my MS goes, I base most of my eating on the American Heart Association Diet, since my husband had a heart attack a few years ago. It allows for red meat once a week at the most, but I rarely eat it. I don't eat dairy besides yogurt, because I'm lactose intolerant--although I do indulge in cheese once in awhile. I don't eat processed foods at all, except for things like wheat pasta, if you can call that processed. I make pasta from scratch when I can.

All in all, I'm not completely strict in my diet and I do indulge once in awhile. I'm also a coffee addict. For the most part though, all I eat are veggies and whole grains. I'm trying to incorporate more fruits in; all I eat regularly now are bananas and blueberries. I was blessed with a very high metabolism (I weigh 100 pounds at the most) so I don't eat to look good, I eat to feel good. When I eat something bad, my body tells me!!! If I indulge in a Big Mac for instance, my body tells me immediately that I shouldn't eat those anymore.

The only things I changed when I was diagnosed was taking more supplements, eating whole flax seeds, and drinking a lot more water and gatorade. I do think that organic foods are the way to go.

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