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I am 31 now, and was diagnosed in March 2008. My neurologist suspects I have had MS for at least 5 years before my diagnosis.

There are cases of negative MRIs, with positive evoked and lumbar puncture, just as there are cases of positive MRIs with negative lumbar punctures.

MRI for me was easy. 1 hour of sleep! Earplugs, mask over my eyes, warm hospital blankets... 3/4 of the way through, they took me out, injected contrast and wheeled me back in. The contrast is to look for active lesions.

Evoked testing.. for me, it was watching my neuro move his hands around while he watched my eyes and responses, walking across the room, sensitivity responses to heat/cold and pain. Various non invasive tests.

Lumbar puncture wasn't terrible either. I felt the injection for the freezing agent, then my back was so numb, I couldn't feel the needle for the lumbar puncture. All I could feel was a tickle sensation down to my tail bone which made me laugh. My neurologist had me really calm and I had a nurse holding my hand during it, so I wasn't panicky for the procedure.

Honestly, the worst for me was the 11 vials of blood they took to rule out various other causes. They had to stick me 3 times before they got all they wanted out of me!

L'Hermittes Sign is if you bend your head downwards to touch your chin to your neck, you get sensations in your back, limbs etc. I could sit there and repeatedly bend my neck, and have numbness go through my hands, and through my lower back for a few seconds, and then repeat and have it again. I don't currently have this, but it has come back after happening initially.

MS hug is a tightening sensation in your torso area (maybe other areas?). I get what feels like a band around my waist. I have it right now, and it isn't a pleasant feeling, but not painful either. Highly annoying is the sensation. It feels like a belt is wrapped around me just below my rib cage. Putting my hands around my torso stops the sensation, but as soon as I remove them, it's back. I've had this come and go, so I hope to see it's departure again soon.

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