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For me its exactly the same thing (though I have not been diagnosed-yet).
In the mornings when I get out of bed I feel ok but as soon as I start burning some energy (walking to get the bus or something) the twitching and stuff begins I later during the day I have a harder time focusing my eyes... Hang in there, it's weird, but we're not alone!


[QUOTE=anxiousme;3587670]Yes, that's the feeling...nerve jumping and vibrating. I continue to have symptoms. In the mornings I feel ok, but by mid-day all of these feelings kick in, especially the tired eyes and weird eye feelings. I haven't lost sight, had vertigo, or nystagmus like the exacerbation that dx me. I just feel like I ran myself so ragged over the last few weeks. This week I have been working from home, TRYing to get a nap (can't sleep during the day), and basically just putting my feet up more. Hasn't helped yet. This is the first time I have had minor problems since my initial dx. I don't like it... I guess I just need to accept that it is going to happen. It is just a reminder that I do infact have MS. I will be curious to see what my next MRI looks like. I'm not due for one until August. Meanwhile, took my Avonex shot today. I pray it's continuing to work for me.

Thanks for the responses[/QUOTE]

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