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[QUOTE=SanityisovrR8d;3625401]MRI showed abnormality on right side of pons which was ignored-doc says probably always been there, also have C6 disc herniation, which doc says are causing my problem.

Symptoms: couple episodes of vertigo--last 10 min to 6 hrs. tingling and clumsiness on left side-top of head sometimes all the way to toes ( I can draw a line right down the middle of my body where the sensation starts. Usually preceded by hand spasms/tremor Face feels like I had dental work and the drugs haven't worn off. Difficulty finding words or pronouncing them Odd sensation in left eye, sometimes trouble focusing TIRED!!!

These last 1 day to approx 1 week, then go away for a while. Do I get 2nd opinion, or does this sound like neck really is problem? This is getting irritating, and sometimes embarrassing, but I'm extremely reluctant to have a cervical fusion, esp. if that might not be the cause.

Thank you for any input.[/QUOTE]

I guess what has me confused is that your herniation is in C6. From what I have always understood, if there is damage in the spinal column, a person is affected from that point down.

I can only post partial information here, but C6 affects the neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, and C7 affects the thyroid gland, bursa in the shoulders, elbows, ulnar nerve . . . and so on down the body. It would not seem to me that C6 would affect the head and face ~ that would be C1 - C4. (best for you to look this specific information up . . .)

I have MS lesions in the upper C spine (C2/3, perhaps up to C1), and I get the numbness in the face and head, which when inflammed, can affect all the way to my toes. I also have a lesion in my T-spine, and when that is acting up, I can get that "split" down the middle that you mentioned. Since this one is in the T-spine though, the numbness only goes to my chest level.

Another interesting thing about what you said is that your symptoms last 1 day to 1 week. With spinal problems, and when my MS lesions are inflammed, those kind of attacks will normally last weeks to months . . . and they are EXTREME. However, maybe yours just aren't getting inflammed, and you are just getting "glimpses" of damage, but not inflammation.

I have no idea if Peripheral nerves could affect the head and face, but I presume so. MS affects us from the central nervous system (brain and spine), and can ultimately become apparent (symptoms) in the Peripheral nerves too. The inflammation that goes on in the CNS though, is usually quite drastic, not fleeting.

So I guess I would suggest that you should check out more information on spinal damage, and where the damage would be found to cause the symptoms that you are experiencing (head to toe). That might help you figure out if it could be C6, which really doesn't make sense to me at this point. I would also check out information on Peripheral nerve damage.

The symptoms you mention are MS-type, but the picture isn't coming together for me, especially how long these symptoms last. It guess it's not impossible it's MS though, and perhaps the lesions just don't show up on a spinal MRI yet (assuming you had a MRI of your brain, C-spine and T-spine). This is not uncommon in the beginning of this journey.


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