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Hi everyone,
It's been a while but I'm back on the boards. I was working at a T1 diabetes camp (ironically, I've been finally told that my blood sugar issues are early T1 and now my pancreas has begun to fail too!). I started having these weird conscious seizures one night a few weeks ago. I had begun baclofen, and once I took my evening dose the convulsion stopped. I was having daily tremors too, which were more annoying than anything. Then two nights ago, I started getting a tremor in my core which rapidly progressed to a full body "conscious seizure" in minutes. I was flopping around like a fish out of water, kicking, twitching, and unable to control or move anything at all. I was not near my baclofen, so I had this seizure for an HOUR before I took a higher dose than usual of baclofen. It temporarily eased the convulsion. I was told I shouldn't remain in the mountains with seizures, so I arranged to fly home to NY. ON the flight last night I had 2 more seizures. My sister tells me they started while I was asleep and then woke me up, although the other events happened when I had been completely awake, although always in the evening. I'm so sore from seizing! I spoke to my CA neuro, and he truly feels I have MS that isn't showing up in tests. From what I've read, it sounds more and more like I have PPMS, and have had EVERY symptom discussed. I'm so nervous because I can't be by myself at all, because I can't even control a phone or give myself medication.

My eye has been killing me tons, as well as one ear. I think I have "otic neuritis" if that exists! The ear drum and canal looks normal but its killing me, and is often linked with my eye pain.

It sounds like I might be admitted for a video EEG as well as an LP. Things haven't really been going my way recently!

Hope everyone is well,

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