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Hello all.

This will probably be a bit long, so I apologize in advance..Sorry!!
In Feb of 07, I had some left sided facial numbness (numbness better by early May). MRI revealed a 5x16 mm enhancing lesion in the left cerebellar peduncle. I've had a severe bout of vertigo in Aug of 07 and hand and foot tingling that comes and goes. LP at that time was normal.

Some other weird things that don't seem to be normal of MS and I have never gotten an explaination for them, such as overnight hand swelling, (painful, unable to move) lasting 5 days. X-rays, labs normal. 3 months later same thing on the other hand. This was probably a good year prior to facial numbness. I also have this "fluttering" noise in my right ear when I lay on a pillow. Sounds like a bug trapped in my ear! Not painful, just bothersome.

I have recently had my fourth MRI which revealed a "healing" of that cerebellar peduncle lesion. I do have a "few small foci of increased signal intensity deep to the anterior insular cortex on both sides." States they are non-specific.

Now, the results of my EVP's. The BAEP and VEP were normal.
The SEP on the upper limbs shows abnormal findings:
"With stimulation of the left median nerve, the response over the cervical spine was not well formed, but as N20 potential was present over the scalp which had a normal latency of 19 ms. With stimulation of the right median nerve, an N20 response could not be clearly identified over the scalp.
IMPRESSION: abnormal findings bilaterally (so where exactly is this problem stemming from?)

Lower limbs were totally screwed! It was incredibly painful for me and I guess because of that I couldn't relax and it didn't work.
"With stimulation of either nerve, a popliteal fossa potential was present (WHAT IS THIS?), but the subsequent potentials were poorly formed and could not be identified with confidence." :-( How do you relax when it's so painful your crying? I tried, I really did.

So, what should happen next?
My MS specialist had said if this most recent MRI showed improvement and EVP's yielded good results, and I didn't have any new or worsening symptoms, we'd repeat a MRI in one year. If that was good, he would send me off with a NO MS diagnosis.

Is it likely that he will want a spine MRI in light of the EVP results? I had a cervical MRI back in 07 that was fine. I feel like I have some validation at least, when it comes to the hand and foot tingling. Like 'look people, there really is something wrong here!" All those "suggestions" friends and family have been throwing at me for the past year and a half....I just want to shove those results at them! Just to show them I'm not crazy or a hypocondriac.

Thanks for listening and for how long it is! (I did warn ya!!)
I appreciate anyone who can help me out on where I should be headed after these EVP results and if you are able to help me sort out those results also!
Thanks a bunch!!

Can I just say to Nikki...I read here a lot, but never post. Good luck to you on your new job. I know it's scary and what a hard thing to do. Wishing you the best!
Thanks so much for the quick responses already!

Let's far as what other stuff they've done...
I had oodles of blood work. Lyme, Lupus and all those things have been ruled out. They checked thyroid, diabetes, B12, calcium levels, gosh..I know there are others and I am just not thinking of them right now.

My LP was negative back in March of 07 when the facial numbness first came of (late Feb.) and I had the first MRI. They also checked for infections and that was all good. I also had a cervical MRI at that time which looked fine, except they wanted to know if I had ever fractured my neck?!?! Um, no? I did have some nasty whiplash when I was about 23 from a car accident, but I never saw a doctor about it. I have had some horrible neck pain and muscle stiffness from time to time and have used a chiropractor, but after seeing my first neuro, she pretty much scared me to death and I am afraid to go back.

I do have issues with migraines. They are helped a great deal now that I am on Topamax. When I am not on it, I have almost daily headaches and some pretty bad ones every few days. This drug has been great for me.

I have had 4 MRI's, so that is every six months. First one showed one lesion. The second one showed improvement (non-enhancing and smaller) Now these first two were done on 1.5 MRI's. The 3rd MRI showed improvement on the original lesion (almost gone) but also showed a very small spot in the frontal lobe. So, at this point the MS specialist is thinking that maybe the original lesion was caused by a virus and this smaller one is migraine related. The 4th MRI shows the original lesion is healed and there are a few small foci of increased intensity deep to the anterior insular cortex on both sides. (BOTH the 3rd and 4th MRI's were done on 3-Tesla MRI's.

My own PCP has been running regular blood tests yearly to check for those regular things....diabetes, all those things I mentioned above, just to keep things in check.

Recently, I have also had a problem with my feet/ankles. In late May, my left outside ankle began to hurt. A little bit of a limp and it was a bit puffy just under the ankle bone. It seemed like it was the tendons. Lasted a week or two. Then just two weeks ago, I had problems with the right one. The bottom of my heel hurt like I had walked on rocks barefoot! It was so painful! Then after 4 or 5 days it started to hurt around the inside of my ankle bone. Eventually it hurt up the inside of my calve, but I think that was from walking on the front of my foot so much. Now, it's gone! My PCP thought it was a tendon problem?!?

So, outside of the bloodwork for other diseases/conditions, brain and one cervical MRIs and EVP's that is all we have done. The only other thing I can think of was the neuro's notes from the exam.

"There is no spasticity, but the right toe is clearly downgoing and the left toe is silent. Romberg sign is not present." And the other note "Deep tendon reflexes are 2/4 in the arms, 3/4 at the patellae, 2/4 at the right ankle, 3/4 at the left ankle. The left patella is also slightly more brisk than the right, and bilateral crossed adductors are present."

I can't think of anything else of the top of my head.
Nikki....yes. People drive me crazy with their theories and suggestions. One suggested is might be caffeine/sodas! Uhm...I hadn't had a carbonated beveraged in a year and a half prior to the facial numbness onset!!! Give me a break! I know they mean well..........
Thanks. Your words are much appreciated!

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