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Kris what were your symptoms? Mine has been random nerve pains that migrate, random joint pains (usually finger, ankle, toe, spine), eye pain (stabbing), muscle twitching all over my body, vibrating feeling in left foot, right pointer finger going numb on and off, EXTREME joint cracking, fatigue. I am being treated for POSSIBLE lyme as most of my symptoms all hit in one wk in June. The twitching has improved by 90%, cracking by 75%, vibrating by 50% the nerve pains are still there but not as bad. Before all these things were happening at the same time. I wonder if it really is lyme or if that was a "flare" from another disease. The joint crackign woudl not fit into MS and I was cleared for it via MRI of full spine and head, and my dr said it does not typically present this way. So??

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