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I have a few questions for you. First, what kind of MRI did you have- was it brain and spine, and was it with and without contrast? If it wasnt with and without contrast, it wasnt good enough....many things do not show up on a MRI without contrast, and you'll never know they are there.

They did do two MRIS at once, did the head and c spine? did once without the glad stuff and then at the same session did the contrast.

Secondly, what kind of Neuro are you seeing? Is she simply a regular general Neuro? Again, not good enough. You need a specialist...someone who is ultra familiar with MS- an MS Specialist-

She is labeled as just a neurologist...might have to go to phoenix for a specialist, not to much of a problem, is a couple hours south of me, I live in the Sedona area..

It must be really hard for you right now, Ive been in the no-insurance situation. Is there anyway you can qualify for some sort? Its ultra important that you get insurance NOW while you can- because if it turns out you have MS, meds are expensive- so is follow up care- and you wont be able to get the insurance once you have a preexisting conditioin. Try, really hard, to get it now.

Yeah, I need to research the insurance, I dont know much about it....but it might be better to pay every month than these big chunks that are flying out the door...

Good luck to you..keep us posted on how youre doing, but honestly, the symtoms you are describing although similar to MS arent the first ones to scream out MS...question for you- do you have any problems with the heat where you live? Do you get dizzy, disoriented or feel overall bad from the heat? Thats a symptom of MS that almost all of us face, you hadnt mentioned it..
keep us posted.

Heat is a problem here, but I dont think it makes my symptoms worse...the amitriptyline seems to have me feeling hotter than usual, but thats when indoors, havnt been doing much outdoors, normal for us desert rats in the summer...

As far as Lupus goes, neuro ran blood test for it..(I think)..I suspected that too...I have horrid hair loss for a year now, nothing seems to be fixing it...went to the gyno and she said nothing to loss shouldnt be cuased by hormones as I am regular periods and no other signs of menpuase...I never know what to think these days....

I have never been sick and doctors are making me nutty with there "I dont know"...I just keep hoping it will go away! Trying to come to terms without scaring myself into a panic mind over matter theory is just not working...sigh......

thanks so much for chatting with me, I know that compared to others here I am one of the lucky ones...God bless everyone and may the healing fairies be visting each and everyone of you....will keep in touch with the board, Kat

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