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[QUOTE=shelly80;3668346]I have not had an MRI yet or any further testing. My dr. truly feels that I have panic disorder and this is the cause of most of my symptoms. But panic and anxiety do not explain the eye issues or the pressure problems in my face. Thank you for responding. I know it could be nothing, but I do feel that I have a few symptoms that might warrent some further investigation from a specialist.[/QUOTE]

You're absolutely right about that. It could be neurological. In fact, some things sound like they are. It may be something as common as migraine, or something else.

An easy test you CAN get done with your doctor now if you have not is extensive blood work to rule out other possibilities. This is actually done as part of the MS dx process. It's very important to ensure you aren't suffering from a disease like Lyme, or b12 deficiency (as examples), since many illnesses can mimic MS closely.

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